About Us

Learn more about the team at BNCSI in Dallas, Texas, that provides extensive IT support and network solutions. We have consultants, technicians, project managers, and other specialists in the industry working to make sure you get only the best from our services.

Infrastructure Technician

Our Infrastructure Technician implements high-level information solutions used by electronic data processing and voice, data, or video communication systems. The technician reports to the project manager and is experienced in implementing and testing cabling infrastructures.

Senior Project Manager
A specialist in management, our Senior Project Manager handles your project from inception to completion. The manager is skilled in work and information flow, milestone management, and validation of deliverables. Has excellent communication skills and is a team leader.  
Senior Consultant
Our Senior Consultant applies complex business and scientific principles to solve network problems. The consultant has vast knowledge on hardware, software, systems analysis, communication systems, and educational curriculum, among others.
Principal Consultant
The Principal Consultant develops theories, concepts, and solutions within his field of specialization. The consultant has many years of industry experience, achievements, and publications.  Is highly organized and has excellent communication skills. 
Industry Expert Network Consultant
Truly an network specialist, our Industry Expert Network Consultant has globally-recognized certifications in CCIE® and RCDD®, among others. The consultant designs and manages advanced internetworking solutions, with many years of experience, publications, and recognitions.


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